The new Catholic Inquisition

The first of the new Catholic Inquisitions is happening in St. Louis today. Many people in this community, and that includes many Catholics, have been saddened and disillusioned by this, the Church’s new witch hunt. Personally, I think this will hasten the end of the Catholic Church in modern times–all thanks to the appointment of a homophobic piece of…work like the new Pope.

Unlike John Paul, Benedict has no charm, no charisma, and absolutely no flexibility, understanding, or true “Christian” compassion. With all due deference to the Catholics who read this site–and you know that I would not want to hurt you– I can loathe him quite easily. I don’t see that he has any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

I’m just sorry the caring and faithful gay Catholics have to be hurt and spurned yet once again from the so-called ‘loving, open-armed’ Christians among us. And yes, I do know there are many variants of Christian Churches that do open their arms to all people, regardless of sexual orientation, race, whatever. It’s the only reason I can still say “Christianity” without spitting. But every year it gets harder. I think now the only reason I don’t, is I don’t want to hurt those Christians–gay and straight– whose respect I cherish. As it is, I have to draw a line at the new Pope.

I’ve thought of many of the issues facing us in the next three years as a desperate Bush seeks more and more to put his ’stamp’ on society. I am aware of the risk to women’s reproductive rights, and normally that would be my first line of defense. But ultimately, I can’t stand up for women’s rights while I know that an entire segment of this population stand to loose so much. I have never seen or received anything from gay people other than friendliness, acceptance, warmth, kindness, and love; to abandom them for my own cause would be something my honor just cannot condone.

If I had to choose between so many freedoms at risk–women’s rights, true freedom of religion in school and government, and rights for gays (not to mention the continuing fight for equal rights for minorities)–I’d have to choose to fight for a baseline of rights for all of us. Which means equal rights, under God or not, for gays. Luckily, the fight for one is ultimately the fight for all and so my energy does not have to be divided.

It was so heartening to see the gradual acceptance of gay marriage in Massachusetts; to know the state legislature in California has brought true equality to gays that much closer to reality. Now, this.

To those who read this who are gay, I want to join with the many saddened Catholics in St. Louis (whom I am quite proud) to say: I am sorry you have to yet again be the brunt of such unreasoned fear. Do not give up hope; it will not last forever.

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