The next generation IE

I recently upgraded my Dell laptop to Windows XP — the last upgrade for this particular computer until it needs to be turned into a pure Linux machine. As such, I could download the IE 7 beta.

The very positive aspect of IE is the fact that PNG images actually work with this browser now, including transparent bits being transparent. When I tested it against some older JavaScript/DHTML libraries, the applications wouldn’t work until I used the DOM libraries. So, this means that IE is forward compatible with DOM, but not backward compatible with the Albatross, otherwise known as IE 6.x.

Well, except for opacity, which is a half way implementation between that of Firefox/Mozilla and it’s old filters self. As such, the new fade extension to my library kindof sortof works with it, but should be completely workable with minor tweaking.

Some of the old ‘box’ problems seem to be fixed — at least the one that impacts me, so I’m a contented puppy.

That was the good, now for the bad…

This browser sucks. Is this what we can expect from Vista? “I’m sorry but whatever it is you’re about to do, you’ll most likely do it wrong and screw up this pristine, pure Windows operating system and then you’ll say vile things about Bill Gates, so we just can’t allow this.” Or words to that effect.

I had notifications from Windows XP about firewalls and security software and everything else, but I found where to turn these off. IE 7.x, though–no matter what I do with the preferences, it nags me constantly about how much of a risk my machine is in.

Listen up browser, I like to walk on the edge. Back the hell up.

Don’t even get me started in that bassackwards design of the interface. Those who say it’s cool, have been permanently damaged by solar radiation. Half the time I never know where to type a URL, or where to click a button to reload. Doesn’t matter anyway, because every time I do anything, the little shield icon pops up with

“Would you like to learn how to be safe and secure and never, ever be exposed to anything that might cause you problems? We can take care of you if you’ll…just…push…this…button”.

Thanks, but if I wanted to live like that, I’d vote Republican.

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