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The semantic web gots badges

Congratulations to the W3C for finally reclaiming the semantic web back from the drug industry. Seriously, the new logos are a good idea, and they’re quite attractive.

W3C logo

The only thing that gave me pause about the logos are the terms of use:

  • When used on the Web, the logo must be an active link to
  • The logo must not be used in any manner which implies W3C sponsorship or endorsement of your product, service, or Internet site.
  • The logo may not be used to disparage W3C, its Member organizations, services, or products.
  • The logo must stand alone: it cannot be combined with any other design element such as photography, type, borders, nor can it be incorporated into another logo.

Not disparage the W3C…hmmmm. Taking a cue from my boy, Danny, who interpreted the terms of use thus and thus, I’m promoting the release of the stylish new logos in my own, uniquely Burningbird, way:

Semantic Web

W3C Semantic Web
Microformats site

More interpretations

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