The Senate votes to kick dogs

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.


The senate passed SB 113, 20-14. Four people voted against the wishes of the people in their districts. When I get the vote by person information, I’ll update this writing.

Senator Jolie Justus provided a strong appeal to pass Proposition B and a reminder to folks about voting for their districts. She actually listed out each district that had a Yes on B vote. Senator Lamping said his daughter supported Proposition B, and he told her not to give up the fight.

Two other people, Maria Chappelle-Nodal and Brian Nieves, had a petty, mean spirited discussion attacking an HSUS lobbyist. Chappelle-Nodal did still vote against SB 113, and I suppose that’s good, but her discussion lowered my opinion of her considerably. It sounded like she was peeved because she didn’t feel she got enough attention from the lobbyist. My god, what does that have to do with anything?

What was worse is that Chappelle-Nodal obviously did not read Proposition B, because she got one of the provisions horribly wrong. But then Parson just agreed with her, like the slimey son-of-a-bitch he is.

I think what this discussion was really about is the fact that many of us have been critical of these people because of their actions, and they just don’t like it.

Well, they ain’t seen nothing, yet. This isn’t the end—this is only the beginning of the fight. The Missouri state senators have just accepted ownership of every badly treated dog in every crappy commercial breeding operation in this state.

Next up, we’ll see if the House has any integrity.


KSDK has links for the votes. The senators who went against the wishes of the people in their districts are: Callahan, Rupp, Schaaf, and Dixon. If any of these men are your senators, do send a note, thank them for spitting in your face.

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