The surest indicator

he surest indicator of how things have changed since the election is that Bush came to Missouri today, but the lead story in St. Louis Today (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch online site) ended up being about the winning Powerball ticket being sold in Missouri.

Bush’s visit was relegated to the back pages; along with an interview with the brother of the man who was arrested for kidnapping the two kids who have been in the news too much; a corpse discovered in the ditch in Centerville; a delay in the Highway 40 construction project; and a pit bull mauling in the bootheel.

Personally, I was interested in the Highway 40 construction project delays.

According to theĀ story:

Bush met at St. Luke’s Health System’s Lee’s Summit hospital with a group of small business owners and employees to discuss how his plan would effect them.

Dan Jones, an engineer for a St. Louis-based computer company, said he’s uninsured because he couldn’t afford the premiums, which he said increased to $400 a month.

“That $4,800 (a year’s worth of premiums) is a lot of money,” he said. “That’s money that could go toward a car or a house.”

Bush said the plan would save Jones more than the cost for an insurance plan.

“Here’s a classic case, a young guy in the market place priced out of the individual market,” he said. “The plan helps him.”

Is there a new math involved here? Can someone explain to me how a tax deduction on the first $7500.00 of a single person’s income tax would save more than $4,800.00 a year?

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