Just Shelley

The trouble with neighbors

No, not the virtual kind…at least, not this time.

Our housing complex is a very quiet one, mainly families, older couples, and long time residents. We’ve always been lucky with the neighbors we’ve had, but our luck was bound to run out, and it did with the newest neighbor next door.

I’ve had to go over twice to tell them to turn down their music, and each time, they then spent several hours pounding up and down the stairs or knocking on the walls afterwards–once until 2:30 and the other time until 4am. There are two men living there and they’re gone most of the time, but when they’re home, it’s a constant party.

The management has informed them of the rules, and has asked me to call the police now when there’s a disturbance, so they can get official records of the events. With these, if the neighbors continue, the management will be able to kick them out. As vindictive as they’ve shown themselves to be, I’m not looking forward to seeing their reaction to my calling the police.

However, there’s a bright side to all of this: when I can’t sleep and it’s late at night, like now, I just put a DVD in the player, put on my headphones, and get lots of work done.

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