These shoes are walking

I completed another item from my overdue To Do list, Walking in Simon’s Shoes, this one in the Practical RDF weblog. If I keep this up, I’ll be caught up on promised items by week end and will have nothing left to write.

If you read today’s earlier essay, The Ten Basic Commands of Unix, note that I made some edits for readability earlier this afternoon. I think it’s a bit crisper now, though I may tweak it a bit tomorrow.

(Now, what did I just write about tweaking?)

Today, I also played around with the Genuine Fractal Photoshop plug-in and I’m quite impressed from the examples I’ve printed out. Quite. I’ve received a suggestion of another plug-in that’s said to be as good but is quite a bit cheaper than Genuine, though it doesn’t have a demo copy and I’m holding on downloading it for a bit. When I do, I’ll post a review of both.

Thanks to the two friends for the suggestions of the plug-ins. Both are steely eyed missile men.

You might have noticed different behavior in the coded portions of the weblogs recently. I’ve changed the code for my comments/trackback list to only list trackbacks and comments on items published in the last 30 days. I’m doing this as a way of cutting back the spam items that appear in the list, most of which tend to appear on older items. This cuts out a few viable entries, but I still receive these in email, and they still appear on the posted item. This approach has kept the recent list, well, more recent. It’s also eliminated most of the spam and the hit and run google hits from the list, leaving me to delete the items at a leisurely pace at a later time. It’s not a perfect solution, but at least it’s something.

I’ve also added code to reflect the date and time when a weblog was updated, with the most recently updated weblogs at the top of the Burningbird Network list. This, I hope, let’s people know that I’m writing elsewhere when I’m quiet here. I’ll still probably write a hint here, too.

That’s enough for the night. Tomorrow, more items from the Overdue To Do list.

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