This is Democratic National Convention week

I know that there are many of you unaware that this is National Democratic Convention week. For those new to American politics, all this fooflah must seem a bit bewildering. What is all the fuss about if Kerry has the nomination?

So what does the National Democratic Convention mean to webloggers, anyway?

Does it mean that weblogging is going to be inundated, nay, saturated with American politics?

Does it mean that we’re going to be subjected to 100 different weblogger interpretations of just the type of speeches we wouldn’t watch on TV, read in the papers, or listen to the radio?

Does it mean that we’re going to hear about free meals and not enough port-a-potties?

Does is mean that there’s a possibility that Kerry will lose the nomination in a last minute breathless bid by (what was the name of that guy that had all that money and was going to win the nomination–oh yeah) Ralph Nader?

No! None of this!

It means that it’s time to start a new meme.

This week, regardless of who you are and what you write, try to incorporate the words ‘democratic’, ‘national’, and ‘convention’ into whatever it is you’re writing. The words don’t have to appear together– they just have to appear in the body of the post. You could of course write about the DNC, but that’s a bit of cheat really.

For instance, are you writing about breaking up with your boyfriend? Then try this for size:

It’s not been my convention to talk about my personal life on my weblog. After all, it’s rather embarrassing to think of my private thoughts being read by a national audience, must less by an international one.

But I believe that we can learn from each other’s pain. We can grow as we share these moments together in a democratic display of fellowship.

And I want to make that asshole pay. I want to make him pay real bad. So I’m going to write about every one of his fetishes…including the one where he …

See? Couldn’t be easier.

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