Thoughts of a traveler

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Another storm watch on, and this one left tornados in its wake in Kansas. Another excellent light and sound show tonight. I thought I would ramble a bit online while I wait for it.

I’ve been called into jury duty the first week in June. Yup, Burningbird on a jury. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

I was saddened for the people of New Hamphire, losing their Old Man on the Mountain. I hope they don’t try to piece it back together, though. It just wouldn’t be the same. Would you want to visit Mount Rushmore if Teddy’s nose dropped off and someone glued it back on?

Speaking of which, does everyone set their cruise control at the speed limit + five?

Have you ever noticed when you drive long distances that you have these weird conversations with yourself? For instance, every time I pass into Kansas, I always sing the song from Wizard of Oz, “Oh we’re off to see the wizard!”. And when I leave I say those immortal words of…well, you know what I say.

Why are there six rest rooms twenty miles apart, and then not another one for 300 miles?

And then there’s the border between Nevada and Utah. Reno has sometimes been called the “Sodom and Gemorrah” of the states. And Salt Lake City in Utah is known to be very conservative and quite religious. And there’s the salt flat between the two. Anyone else but me get a chuckle from this?

Why is it you never see anyone working in the areas blocked off for road development?

Does that constant movement of the car make you…well, never mind.

Have you noticed when you’re driving at night that the only other vehicles on the road are semi-trucks? And in these circumstances, do you have a hard time getting that Dennis Weaver movie, Duel out of your mind?

Why are the sunrises when you’re on the road so beautiful?


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