Just Shelley

Tight corners

It doesn’t rain, it pours, or some such thing. Sometimes there seems to be little work, other times, too much. Lately I’ve had a good amount of work, enough that I thought about going on hiatus with the weblog–focusing on work, the development server, et al. Rather than some kind of formal break, though, I’ll just do what I have been doing. Whatever that is.

There was a possibility of me traveling on one job, but this has had to be put temporarily aside, primarily because of issues of health. I’ve had some long standing work I’ve needed to have done by an oral surgeon, and unfortunately, as I found this week, this work can no longer be put off. In fact, I’m pushing it to hold off on the work until my medical and dental insurance kicks in March 1st.

The great thing about being busily and gainfully employed is knowing that you can take care of what needs to be taken care of. It used to be, years ago, that I would measure the worth of my work in conspicuous consumption. Now I measure it in necessities purchased (new tires) and tasks finished (the surgery). And it feels good. When I do get the rare treat (from friends or what I buy myself), such as a new DVD or book or my new iPod, it makes them that much more special, and appreciated.

Back in the dot-com era, I made a great deal of money, and did not value myself. I spent the money on frivolous toys, overpriced dinners, and clothes I didn’t need. I once took the entire company out for an expensive lunch, just because I could. What a waste.

Now, I make a fraction of what I used to make, I value every penny, and I’m more content.

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