Time lapse photography

Photojojo has written a guide to time lapse photography that seems to be very comprehensive.

I’ve not tried time lapse, other than perhaps a photo over a few seconds. It’s an interesting art form, and one that really does require some forethought — after all, typically you’re leaving a camera in one place. Even if you aren’t leaving your camera in one place, you have to ensure that the camera is placed just so for each shot.

One of the best examples I’ve seen is this YouTube movie: Noah Takes a Shot of himself every day for 6 years complete with music.

The music was created by Carly Comando, and it’s really beautiful, but I could swear I have heard it elsewhere, and no not in the Simpson’s recreation of Noah’s work. I think it was in a movie. If it was the same song played in the movie, it was just as compelling. I plan on buying the song at iTunes, eMusic, or Amazon–wherever I can find it.

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