Time to trim

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Now that I’ve had fun with CSS and stylesheets, it’s time to cut back on their number.

A dynamic stylesheet is a very effective approach to styling your site, but not if you also combine this with a dynamic stylesheet selector as I do. The reason is that when each page is accessed, all stylesheets are loaded the first time you access the page. For regular visitors, once loaded, static stylesheets should be cached and not loaded again unless they change. Dynamic stylesheets, on the other hand, are always loaded.

Having one dynamic stylesheet isn’t a bother because I’m using a lot more resources just to serve this page, the recent comments, and other functionality.

However, three dynamic stylesheets, two of which access external files, combined with multiple static sheets isn’t thrifty, and I am a thrifty developer.

Now that I’ve had fun with styles, time to cut back. Which styles to drop, though, is an issue.

Question for those with a spare minute: what is your preferred stylesheet at this site, and why? Is anyone using the dynamic stylesheets?

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