President Bush was in Missouri yesterday, in Sedalia. That’s a friendly part of this state to Bush – solidly red.

He looked good during his talk, dressed in one of those cotton work shirts he tends to favor. Looked just like the people he was talking to. He said that in the next four years he plans on reforming the tax filing process, to make it simpler. Yeah, that’s something that we’re all worried about now – our taxes being too complicated.

He also focused a lot on the economy, and how tax cuts have helped and how people are doing better now than they were a few years back. I guess it was too bad, then, that Ford picked this day to announce it was laying off upwards of 800 employees at one its plants in the St. Louis area–another layoff in a series of layoffs that have hit this state since 2002.

But that President, he sure looks good in a cotton work shirt. Looks just like one of us.

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