Today’s Digital postcard

I walked the length of the Embarcadero today, at least most of it. Combined with the heavy lifting yesterday, and all the driving, and I’m more than a little tired. Tomorrow, no exploring, no salsa dancing, though I may go out tomorrow night to watch the fireworks.

(Sorry to those on the Salsa dance watch.)

Instead, on this quiet day, I plan on hanging around the hotel, taking it easy, and working on a couple of things for the co-op server – including getting suexec working and trying to figure out the Movable Type timezone problem. Besides, I’ll avoid the hordes coming into the city for the fireworks. Last year, the streets were impassable and both bridges blocked with traffic.

However, I will make one more trip to my beloved Dog Beach in the morning.

This afternoon I spent some time at the Ferry Building and at the Thursday Farmer’s Market, though I was disappointed at the size of the affair – a couple of booths, a few customers. The Ferry Building itself was worth the visit. I love clean architecture, with large and open spaces and a minimum of geegaw.


The fog rolled in again tonight, which is good as it will help keep the weather a bit cooler tomorrow. It’s fascinating to watch the fog roll into San Francisco. It starts at the Pacific side, and then rolls over the Castro area, while another band comes in past Golden Gate and over the Presidio, spreading into the Bay, like cotton batting being rolled out for cutting. While this is going on, the rest of the city is under bright sunshine but the breeze stays cool, with a hint of the moisture surrounding the city.

San Francisco really is a place for couples, because there is nothing more romantic than walking along the beach in the fog, listening to the waves break against the shore and watching the pelicans fly gracefully past.

You can keep your diamond rings, your champagne and soft music, fancy words of lust and love, and satin sheets and candlelight. I’ll take the sand, the sounds of the ocean and being wrapped in the fog, sharing a stretch of beach with someone as content with the silence as you are.

You might jokingly say I’m a cheap date, however I’m anything but – I’m in love with perfect moments: with events and emotions and comradery and companionship that are just so. A diamond ring is easy by comparison.


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