Travel now while I still have the chance

Reading the new stories out today, if I don’t do my global traveling in the next few years, I might never have the chance:

Observer story about a leaked climate report from the Pentagon (found at Allan’s)

Australia having record breaking heat waves

However, President Bush joins with the Church to assure us that these things can’t possibly happen, and that we’re all overreacting. As Duncan Anderson writes:

It’s a pagan temptation to think, as some environmentalists seem to, that God is angry at us for enjoying the comforts of civilization-rather than to accept human ingenuity as His gift to us. The global-warming believers- vision seems to be for everyone to live like graduate students on a hiking trip: bringing the latest, lightest, high-tech gear, but eating only gorp and dried tofu and bearing no children.

The Emperor’s New Climate promised by the computer models should be so warm, we can all go around naked. If you must believe the scare stories, you can plant some palm trees and buy extra sunblock. But I don’t suggest you spend much. And if you live where I live, I promise you that for at least one season every year, you can expect to shovel some snow. Thanks be to God, spring is just around the corner.

Why worry? God will provide.

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