Just Shelley

Trying to save the gooseneck lamp

More detail than ‘Out’…

I fell on the ice last week and hurt my lower back/hip area. It’s been getting progressively worse and today, when I tried to walk around the gentle, flat Tanglewood Trail at Powder Creek, I fell again. Except it was 70 F, and clear trails and I didn’t slip as much as take a step, feel something very unpleasant, yell out “Ow!”, or something to that effect but perhaps a bit stronger, and kind of folded in on myself like a budding flower changing its mind.

What’s worse is that I can’t sit at my desk for more than 20 minutes without some really interesting sensations that kind of make me want to take the gooseneck lamp by the side of the computer and bash it against the desk a 100 times or so.

Right now I’m jury rigged up in bed with pillows and what not and I can access the computer (thank you wireless!). But this only works for an hour or so before the goosenecked lamp starts to look mighty tempting again. This is really tedious.

Sporadic connectivity until body behaves in such a way that gooseneck lamp is no longer in danger.

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