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Two new stories on horse meat lawsuit

I just published two new stories related to the Front Range Equine Rescue et al v. Vilsack et al horse meat lawsuit.

In Cages at Burningbird I write that the USDA is not the enemy in this case and they aren’t. If we’re going to fight for the welfare of horses in this country, we need to be very careful with where we paint our targets.

I also introduce another new site, Eats at Burningbird, with another story: Eating Flicka: A Good Idea?. This story focuses on the food safety aspects of horse meat and the horse meat industry. All I can say is you’ll never look at your hamburgers the same way again.

I am trying comments again, at least with select stories. Last few times, I had a lot of spam. And yes, I actually used a spam service, and still had a lot of spam.

I’m also concerned at how quickly comments degenerate into slugfests nowadays. I don’t really think tossing insults at each other adds to the quality of a story. Popularity really isn’t everything.

We’ll see how it goes. Hope springs eternal.

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