UDDI is not the approach

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Thanks to TX Meryl, I found this article describing web services in clear, comprehensible terms.

I like the article, but UDDI is NOT the approach to take for web services discovery. Not! Not! Not! Not!

Create a beautiful distributed technology, and then capture it and constrain it by a centralized discovery service operated by big companies. I don’t care if UDDI can be mirrored — that’s not the point!

Think about the technology Google uses to find all the information that we’ve become dependent on. Think about how well the company processes it and packages it and delivers it. I can find anything on the web, thanks to Google.

This exact same type of functionality can be used to discover web services if we implement a few (few, mind you) common specifications. We Don’t Need UDDI. The web of discovery will work for web services as it works for weblogging as it works for Google.

I will continue to beat you about the head on this issue until you ultimately bow to my superior knowledge on this subject 😉

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