Unpatriotic to not support the President

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

The Republicans and the White House have called Democrats “unpatriotic” for speaking out against the upcoming battle with Iraq. Senator Kennedy asked the question that still waits answer: How much is this going to cost. Senator Daschle declares that Bush has failed diplomacy. Both are declared to be unpatriotic.

But then, I’m also unpatriotic, because I think Bush has an agenda that doesn’t serve this country. That’s speaking out, so therefore I’m unpatriotic. In fact, I’m a traitor, which is what one of the people called those of us who participated in the candlelight vigil on Sunday.

I have a poster I’d like to hang in my window. It shows a peace sign with a yellow ribbon, with the words “Bring them home now”. I like it because it shows that I support the military, but not the war. I won’t display it, though, because I have a cat; I’m concerned that if I put the poster up, someone will throw a brick through the window and my cat will get out, and get lost or killed – she has no commonsense at all.

After President Bush’s speech yesterday, from one moment to next, the stakes have changed for those of us who continue to protest the President’s actions, in Iraq and at home.

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