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US vs Abbott and filing flurry

A flurry of filings in my pet case, US v Abbott, related to Texas’ appeal.

In the Texas brief, Abbott brags about all the arrests related to Operation Lone Star. Which means it’s a good time to also bring up the ProPublica piece that made mincemeat of these claims.

The rest of Abbott’s filing is a joke. Best part: Abbott seems to be claiming that he, and he alone, can declare war in Texas. And he can declare war any time he wants.

And still no answer to my questions:

Are drugs being taped to migrant backs as they cross the river? Do they use some kind of waterproof wrapping or something?

I mean, if these buoys are necessary to stop the drug trade, I want to know how the heck they’re keeping them dry.

The fact that this thing is still ongoing is solely, SOLELY because of SCOTUS corruption.

Court Document

ProPublica piece


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