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US vs Abbott Preliminary Injunction

Both the DOJ and Abbott have filed their closing arguments for the motion for a preliminary injunction.

Do you know those twisty straws that are somehow supposed to make drinking something cooler? Well, that’s Abbott’s filing, in a nutshell. Even after Judge Ezra told Texas to cut the crap about an invasion, that’s all that’s contained in their document.

And Texas keeps bringing up the Sackett vs EPA lawsuit, and in particular, Thomas’ note on navigability. But the Sackett case wasn’t about navigability, it was about surface connection between wetlands and federal waters.

No self-respecting lawyer should want their name to be appended to this document. And it’s a pure Thomas dog whistle.

And by all that’s holy is there ANY human being STUPID enough to believe that drug and human traffickers are going to be crossing the river? What? Are they strapping baggies of drugs onto people as they cross?

Can the media possibly for once, just once, call this out as bullshit?

US filing

Abbott’s joke

An interesting summary of the hearing, including transcript

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