I haven’t voted yet, decided not to add to the times of the people who are voting before going to work. Since I work from home, I can vote anytime during the day, though I plan on going over in a bit.

I received email about how to vote pro-life, sent by the Archbishop who sets up shop in the offices on the other side of the church where I’ll vote. I am curious if he’ll try to add some kind of influence at the polling place. Normally, though, the people who run the polls at this church are meticulous about preventing any such thing. We’ll see in a bit.

When you vote, you can save time by selecting a straight party line vote. I am voting straight party line, but will still vote individually. Democrats, of course. There wasn’t one Republican in this state who didn’t bring up that their most important concern is the prevention of gay marriage. I only hope when these people meet their God someday that he proves as intolerate of them, as they are of everyone else.

Well, that was a piece of cake. No waiting since I was the white ballot machines, and the current flurry was the green machines. I just missed the flurry of white machine voters. Go me.

No muss, no fuss.

There was a funeral going on at the same time, though. Interesting to see a gold hearse right out in front of the entrance to your polling place.

second update

I had a feeling my timing was good. According to this Bloomberg story:

In Palm Beach County, Florida, a Democratic stronghold, the wait was as long as an hour and a half. In Webster Groves, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, voters who arrived when the polls opened at 6 a.m. had to wait an hour.

Yup, that’s my area, though most likely not my polling place.

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