Well, hmmmm

As you may have noticed, when I did an export of Practical RDF into MT format, and then tried to re-import into WordPress, the import did not succeed. I had backed up the database, so was able to recover to the point of the attempt.

I swear this is one aspect of Wordform that is going to be given lots of attention: the ability to merge weblogs, split categories out into separate weblogs, to post to multiple weblogs at one time, and to be able to move from, and to, other weblogging tools.

Moving between tools or even moving between weblogs in a tool, has been problematical in every weblogging tool I know. Yet weblog users need to be able to have the flexibility of switching tools – tool lock-in is not acceptable.

And I agree with those who I did disagree with recently when I last discussed this–the Movable Type export format is not workable. It’s too fragile, and breaks too easily. But syndication formats have a bunch of crap that data exports and imports don’t need.

What we need is a new XML format for exporting and importing data. Not an RDF/XML format – this would be a waste of RDF. But not a syndication format either, which is finetuned to a different need. A new one, just for the data management, sophisticated enough to handle each tool’s unique needs, and which we can easily incorporate into each tool using whatever template technology the tools support.

Oh well, back to the drawing board and a different approach to merging Practical RDF into Bb.

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