What do I want

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I am having a particularly troublesome night tonight with technology.

I look at RSS and syndication and say, well this is neat technology. But what about the interactivity? What about the context of each communication? If you think about it RSS and syndication strips away any mark of individuality of the posting and returns only an isolated bit of news, along side other isolated bits of news.

It’s nice, but not what I’m looking for. It has part of what I’m looking for, the seeds of something interesting.

UDDI sounds good on paper — shop for web services from a centralized service that is, in actuality, distributed nodes within a cloud. But then I look at the sponsors and I look at the specifications and I look at the potential restrictions and this is not what I want. Still, other seeds are getting planted.

Lots of talk about two-way web and that sounds appealing — let’s all work together. Hey. La La La. And with this we want to do … what was it again? More seeds, but no sprouts.

Google — all of the world’s sum total information in a little bitty living space. Smart bot, smarter algorithm. Big seeds, getting closer.

Web services. Seeds and some fertilizer throw in.

What do I want. What do I want.

I want to put my head next to my laptop monitor and have it tell me what I want, and then go find it for me.

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