Just Shelley

What does this mean?

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

So what does it mean when the car wash place turns off the power when you’re half way through?

I sat there, surrounded by apparatus that should be spraying, soaping, blowing, and generally getting my car clean. But nothing. No lights, no movement. I thought the power had failed because of the storms in the area, but assumed if this was the case the people would come by and tell me to drive the car through or something. After a couple of minutes, I tapped the horn and almost as soon as I did so, the power came on, and my car was pushed through the system.

It’s very discouraging to be so forgettable that you’re left halfway through a car wash.

Anyway, I won’t be taking off tomorrow as planned because of major storms all along the way, as pointed out by the kindly, helpful staff at AAA. Friday morning should be perfect, but we’ll see how Golden Girl survives the hail tonight.


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