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What planet are you on?

Dan Brickley writes about refining his site so that Planet RDF only picks up those posts that are RDF-related. His concern about Planet RDF matches my concern about Planet Identity:

Planet RDF is now taking that category feed (thanks Dave!), which allows me to vent freely on other things without worrying too much about cluttering up a predominantly tech-oriented site. That said, I find the glimpses into people’s non-tech lives to be part of the charm of the site.

I have restricted most of my RDF writing to Practical RDF, specifically because I know there are people who are only interested in the RDF writings. However, it’s a pain to maintain multiple weblogs. So much so that I am definitely not going to continue it with a separate weblog for identity, semantic web, and so on. Instead, I’ve created separate categories for RDF and Identity (in addition to others) and have tied the RDF syndication feed into the Burningbird RDF category, and will ask Pat from Planet Identity to pick up my Identity feed only.

(I’ve also discontinued Practical RDF, but will continue Tinfoil, which does display a different view of the data — photo only.)

I do agree with Dan, though, about the glimpse into the non-tech lives. I would hate to do without my Sparql updates. But I write about technology only about 30 percent of the time — too little to add my general feed to tech-specific syndication sites.

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