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Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Lawrence Lessig posted a graphic of the spread of Creative Commons throughout the world. He used some interesting words to describe the colors:

As of Thursday, the current spread of Creative Commons. The green are countries where the project has launched. The yellow are close. The red is yet to be liberated.

(em. mine)

The red is yet to be liberated.

Joi Ito responded with:

A lot of progress but a lot left to do.

Yet no one, not one person has responded to the test challenge I did with the Creative Commons license, or the carefully written responses by Dennis Kennedy and Denise Howell at Corante’s Between Lawyers. It’s as if there’s a buffer around the license and absolutely no criticism or questioning of it is allowed.

What was more disappointing, though, was the fact that given this silence, the Corante folks still kept the CC license up at their site. Is it, then, that no one, including the CC people themselves, really take this license seriously? Then what the hell use is it, other than a way of marking yourself as a good weblogging citizen?

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