What’s Elvish for tired

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’m tired and should go to bed. Today was not one of my better days.

However, my cat sensed that my day was poor and quietly curled up my arms, rubbing her head against my chin, purring like mad. I took her for a walk on our deck, and she now thinks I’m better than catnip.

Then I watched my new copy of the extended version of Lord of the Rings, a present from my roommate. The MTV re-make of the Elvish council was a hoot. When I got to the scenes where the characters were speaking Elvish, I turned to my roommate and proudly said, “I know the wife of the person responsible for the Elvish speech”.

“You know Hugo Weaving’s wife?”

I explained that, no, Dorothea’s husband David was the linguist responsible for the Elvish speech throughout the movie. I hope Dorothea will be pleased to know that my roomie was far more impressed at this association then he would have been had I known Hugo Weaving’s wife.

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