When friendships fade

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Loves come and go, but a friendship should last forever. Well, so the story goes, but we know that in reality, this doesn’t happen.

Over time people change and friends grow apart and the connectivity you once shared with a friend fades away — daily calls giving way to weekly giving way to monthly and eventually being replaced by an occasional note.

Even in this threaded void, connectivity waxes and wanes like myriad new moons; except in this universe, the moons are free to pull up their orbit and move about. And let me tell you, this plays havoc with the tides.

Loss is a part of life, including the loss of a friendship, but still, there’s a tiny little hole in your life that used to be named Friend. No matter how rich your life is, no matter the number of new people you meet, that hole doesn’t go away.

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