When last we spoke

When last I posted, I had planned on updating that post with W3C co-chair decisions on my other HTML5 issues. I wasn’t quite expecting to be here, over a month later, still waiting on decisions. Not sure what’s happening with the W3C HTML WG at the moment, other than I think the group is making like an iceberg.

Eventually the decisions will be posted. Since I have a good idea what the decisions will be, no need to continue waiting.

Other than watching pots boil, I’ve been slowly working on my first self-publishing book on HTML5. I say slowly, because I ended up drastically changing the focus of the book, and hence the table of contents.

Though I would love nothing more than to fill 150 pages with details about the various HTML5 exploits, in the end I felt that an exposé on HTML5 isn’t going to be all that useful. Cathartic, maybe, but not useful. On the other hand, I refuse to jump on the “Isn’t HTML5 just peachy keen!” bandwagon, either.

I had to find a delicate balance between HTML5 rant and HTML5 rah-rah. Once found, I then had to dig for actual HTML5 implementation experience, which is a lot more difficult than you would think, given the fooflah about HTML5.

I’m still wrestling with the new TOC, so I don’t have any early peeks, yet. One thing the book won’t have is a discussion about HTML5 the brand. For one, isn’t it time to let the Geolocation folks have a little of the spotlight, all on their own? For another, there’s been enough confusion about HTML5 without conflating a formally defined and delimited specification, with a marketing buzzword.

So in the book, I’ll talk about HTML5…and Web 5.0, and Ajax5, not to mention P2P5, as well as Cloud , and throw in a little DHTML5, for good measure.

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