Where’s the touch screen

Very interesting takes on being both a technologist and a parent of a small child.

Karl writes of his baby daughter Emma:

Emma is now very, very aware of her surroundings. Her smile fills up my heart like nothing else. She’s shares it all the time now – when she recognizes faces, hears voices in the room, when Richelle or me baby talk, when she’s being changed, even when she catches a glance of Xena walking by.

Anne writes on taking her 3 year old to the dinosaur park:

I suppose if you were to take a three-year-old to dinosaur park on a blue-sky Denver day every day for the past, I don’t know, infinity days then you might have a different experience, because you’re not me. I bet you’d be bored, though, because someone who likes to read and write about technology is not necessarily someone who likes to take small humans to a playground multiple times a day.

I like other people’s children.

No, let me re-phrase that: I like other people’s children who live in other states.

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