Who are these strange people

A favorite writer of mine is James Fallows at The Atlantic. He doesn’t have comments, but when I’ve sent him emails in the past, he always responds as quickly as he can, and in detail. He’s also been known to republish email comments, with permission, on his weblog—ensuring exposure to both new people and new ideas.

James has shown that one can be part of a community, without having comments.

I have been inundated with spam comments at this site, and now I’m getting spam replies and follows on Twitter. I am, at least for now, turning off comments. I am also, seriously, thinking of deleting my Twitter account, unless Twitter can find some way to control what is becoming an increasing, and even overwhelming, problem.

My warmest thanks to all who have taken the time to comment here and at my other sites. I value your friendship, your words, and your time. I hope that you’ll still email me, if for no other reason than to say hello, how’s it going.

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