Will the last person leaving the Earth, please turn off the Sun

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

It’s difficult to shrug off stories that have the eye-catching title of Earth ‘will expire by 2050’. It’s also difficult to ignore statements such as the following:

The report, based on scientific data from across the world, reveals that more than a third of the natural world has been destroyed by humans over the past three decades.

We’ve known this was coming. We’ve known that we’re literally destroying the world. We see the evidence of global warming in drought and flood. We see the evidence of toxic pollution every time a city has to issue an air alert (something that happens with distressing regularity in St. Louis). We pile the garbage high, we sprawl into the forests, we overdevelop the land, cut down the trees, and overfish the seas.

And every day entire species die. Every day.

If you are planning for a family, currently expecting a baby, or have very small children, the earth they will be inheriting is one that’s dying. And for the most part, we in the US are killing it.

I have a hard time showing pride in being an US citizen when I read:

America, which sent 300 delegates to the conference, is accused of blocking many of the key initiatives on energy use, biodiversity and corporate responsibility.

Really, folks, where’s your priorities? What’s a little dead world when one is waging a War against Terror?

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