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Women and tech, money and sex, and Wikipedia

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Seth Finkelstein has one of the better takes on the Wikipdia “sex” scandal. I wouldn’t even be interested except for two things:

1. Seth and All’s Wool both mention about the deep irregularities associated with the Wikipedia Foundation’s money, including how Foundation money is finding it’s way into founder Jimmy Wales pocket. If the organization hasn’t been audited recently, I would say it’s due.

2. Why is it that most of the time women and Silicon Valley or women and tech generate a lot of buzz in the tech community, it’s in reference to women and clotheswomen and clothes, or women as former girlfriends? Or some variation of the latter: woman as vamp, woman as bitch, woman as whore, woman as babe, etc…and this geek or that tech.

Wow, guys, we don’t only dress and date. Next time you pair “women” and “technology”, try writing a story about women who program, design web sites, write or speak about technology, participate in standards committees, manage companies, or generally do things that you all don’t seem to notice or give a damn about until we’re either stripped naked or wearing purple, or have our sex chats blasted across your front pages.

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