Women ordained

From St. Louis Today:

To the Roman Catholic Church, the ceremony was not an ordination. In fact, it wasn’t even Roman Catholic. But to two women and the approximately 600 people who came to cheer them on, history was made Sunday in St. Louis as the two became the first women ever in the city to be ordained as Catholic priests.

And the first ever, perhaps in the world, to be ordained in a synagogue.

According to Archbishop Burke, these women will go to hell–not because they’ve committed an action, like molesting young children, scarring them for life, but because they’re women who don’t recognize their secondary roles in The Church.

OK, it’s good to understand what is or is not ‘sin’ in the Catholic religion. As for the ceremony being held in a synagogue:

For CRC’s Rabbi Talve, the synagogue’s decision to host the ceremony was based on its values of providing a sukkat shalom, or shelter of peace to the women seeking a religious venue.

“We were guided by our core values that said the value of hospitality and providing a sacred space for those looking for it was the right thing for us to do,” Talve said, noting that CRC’s board unanimously approved the decision.

In the meantime, Archbishop Burke is trying to figure out how he can excommunicate a Rabbi.

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