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Women’s Early art

As I was continuing my research into the mysteries of poetry for Poetry Finder, I stumbled on to an incredible site that I had to provide a link to — the Women’s Early Art network.

There is no explanation to the site, no wordy “why we’re here”. All you’ll find at the site is art, elegantly presented, in various forms related to historical and contemporary, Eastern and Western women. The works range from old African American quilt patterns, to the Environmental Poetry of Princess Shikishi (including sound effects), to the Book of Ruth as early feminism. There’s even a page regarding earlier woman as music composer, containing MIDI recordings of each (try the Thriller — Ragtime!)

Once you’re done with these pages, then browse hundreds of links in the reciprocal link pages.

Like poetry? Art? Quilts? Music? Pottery? How about fascinating and elegantly beautiful as well as organized sites? Stop now, go there.

I do believe that the RDF Poetry Finder is becoming the most enlightening and just plain fun project I’ve ever worked.

“When I swim, I am a fish, I am a wave, I become a sea.”

Print of Pearl Diver and words from “Goddesses”, by Mayumi Oda



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