Books Burningbird

Woo hoo

The powers that be at O’Reilly have accepted my book proposal. Next comes the finalizing of the TOC to attach to the book contract and then The Start of Writing.

I still don’t want to talk about the book topic–it’s a surprise. I’ll have more on it when I’m closer to finishing. I can say that it will be the largest book I’ve written, and one of the most complex. Also, knock on wood, the most beautiful book I’ve written. (Tease! Tease!)

I have been contemplating whether I’d be able to continue the weblog while working on the book. My first inclination was to take the rest of the spring and summer off and just focus on writing. I decided, instead, on a compromise: read weblogs and write to my own on the weekend, and focus on the book during the week.

I’ll need a break from writing with a book of this size and nature, and having a regular schedule should prevent burn out. I may need to spend 10-12 hours a day during the week, but I want my weekends off. I need to be better disciplined, though. I must stop checking my aggregator in the morning, and to fight the urge to immediately respond to every interesting story that occurs elsewhere. I also need to set aside time every day to get out and walk. Visit parks. Knock this pasty white, limp, flabby, writer’s body into shape. Where once I was cherry pie–fresh, tart, and sweet–I’m now blancmange.

I still want to get the work planned for this site finished and plug-ins uploaded for you all to use if you wish. I also would like to get MissouriGreen finished. Out with the fancy layout, in with whatever I can put together reasonably quickly that won’t look too stupid.

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