You pick the technology

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

In the interest of research, I thought I would publish each subsection of the with a different weblogging tool. Four subsections (weblogging, internet, linux, rdf), four tools. The first four essays in the subsection will then be on each of these tools.

This is your chance to tell me what tool to use. Leave in comments your favorite weblog tool, why it’s your favorite, and where I can access it. Note that if there’s a cost for the tool, I won’t consider it unless the tool producer provides one free of charge for me to use. One that has full functionality, that is. Also note that the tool has to support pages on my server – I won’t go a hosted solution.

Some minimums:

The tool has to support comments, and my preference is to have a tool that supports trackbacks, but I won’t push this item as much. Also, the tool has to be ‘live’, which means that someone has to be actively supporting it.

Since I use Movable Type elsewhere, I’ll cover this in a fifth essay, but I’d like to use four new tools for the I figured this will also drive out an essay or two on interoperability – from experience.

So, what should I use and why?

P.S. I can’t offer you any prize, like an iPod – but then, I don’t sell ads at my weblogs either. Ahem.

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