Zoe and Dorian Gray

Zoe is home from the vet, pretty wobbly on her feet. She had a lot of tests the last two days, and the doc found this and that, as doctors do with the middle aged. I’m a bit worried about her at the moment because she acts like she’s hungry and thirsty, but seems like she’s forgotten how to eat. If this continues tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll be chatting with the doctor again.

Since we take Zoe to a cat clinic, I expect to meet a new cat or two wandering about the office with each visit. The staff brings their own cats in during the day, and they join the office cats, and the patients, all of whom are remarkably quiet and polite with each other. It’s usually a lively time while you’re waiting, and never dull and never acrimonious.

If the world was run by cats, we wouldn’t have war, but we would be eating a lot of fish.

Yesterday, I spotted the tiniest little charcoal gray kitten stumbling around on unsure legs, trying to get into any open container. When I asked about him, the receptionist said that his name was Dorian Gray, and that he was hand fed kitten, just heading into its 6th week. Just so interest wasn’t aroused, she said that the doctor who treats Zoe had just adopted him.

It seems little Dorian was found in the walls of a condemned house that was being torn down. It’s mother was killed, but Dorian was saved by the crew and brought immediately to the vet. Now, he’s an extremely curious, friendly, engaging little fellow that is mothered by the cat of one of the other people who worked in the office–a cat that was also abandoned as a baby and hand fed and adopted. You’d know this cat anymore, because she’s a glamor cat, and about the sweetest natured thing you ever saw–but who likes to get up in the toys on the wall and knock them all down.

When I picked Zoe up, I brought my camera, and I thought you’d all like to meet Dorian Gray and Christa.

[image lost]

Yes, Christa has a boa necklace, bright pink nail guards, and her tail is dyed delicately pink with safe vegetable dyes. She truly is a glam cat.

But then look at this little doll, trying to crawl into my camera case.

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