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The AOL effect

I couldn’t figure out what it reminded me of — all these Radio 8.0 weblogs hitting all at once. It was familiar, I’d seen this before.



“just testing”

“Hello World”

Then I remembered…

It was just like the day when AOL released six million newbies on to the Usenet — all at once.

Just Shelley

Meet Golden Girl

My very first car.

She has a cuter butt than I do.


It’s metallic gold, with a spoiler on the back, 16 inch sporty looking wheels and a great sound system. She drives like a dream and stops on a dime. I’m calling her Golden Girl and Marvin’s going to look very cool sitting on the dash.

Hey, if the Userland folks can stuff the airways, continuously waxing poetic about Radio 8.0, I sure as hell can do a little verbal drooling for my very first car, can’t I?

What’s worse — I’ll be posting photos later today. Lucky you.

Just Shelley

My Generation

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

If you get a chance you HAVE to see the Encore channel’s My Generation. It’s a documentary of the three Woodstock rock festivals, and it’s fascinating to watch how the concerts change between times and generations. Probably the best documentary I’ve seen in years.

And Michael Lang, the Woodstock originator, didn’t change in looks and smiled the exact same smile throughout all three Woodstocks — one spooky dude.

Play on, Jimi.