RDF to SVG tool

Found at Eclectic – an RDF to SVG tool. You’ve heard about RDF before in this weblog — consider it a meta-language for describing data on the web (and elsewhere). Though you can represent RDF in various forms, the most commonly used technique is XML. SVG is Scalable Vector Graphics and is a way of describing 2D graphics in XML.

Nice tool, though the batch job doesn’t terminate cleanly in W2K. However, it does the job. I was able to create this SVG diagram from one of my RDF documents in five minutes — from download to install to image capture to post.

The tool is based on Jena, an open source Java API that processes RDF and that HP sponsors. Unfortunately, RDF2SVG isn’t open source at this time. No biggie. Fun tool, and useful.

Just Shelley

Life Jan 13 2002

Hey I remember Madge!

Those were such twisted times — women were doctors, lawyers, corporate officers, cops, software developers (ahem), writers, and heads of state. But the TV showed us with our little pinkies in a bowl of green dishwashing soap with no thoughts in our pretty little heads other than being pretty pretty for Joe The Stud.

I didn’t mind the Madge commercials as much — they’re still around in spirit if not in actual products and people. The one I hated — hated with a deep purple passion — was the one that had the tune:


We can bring home the bacon
Fry it up in a pan
And never, ever let you forget you’re a man…

Cause I’m a woman…

It was for Enjoli. These ads were geared to making any woman feel inadequate if she wasn’t the perfect Mom, Breadwinner, and Whore.

Suck prunes, Enjoli.

Speaking of which, this little segue found me Work at Home. Great stuff!

That was fun.


I must talks about her separation, divorce, and self-discovery. Sometimes, angry is not only good, it’s healthy.

I wonder how many of us are in the process of divorcing, or have divorced recently? My own marriage of 18 years ended in 2001. And I’m one of the lucky ones – I’m still friends with my ex-husband.

No matter if you have a “good” divorce or a bad one, you’re still adrift, floating without anchor. Lonely. Unfocused. Lost.

The greatest joy for a person who is newly divorced or separated is to reach that point when you feel normal being single.


Working today — should finish a chapter by tonight. Triumph! Time for a weblog break, and then apartment cleaning and lovely walk on the beach. Life’s joy is found in the simplest things.

My new weblog look will be pretty much as you see now – plain, grays and black and white, little bit of fire, and lots of blogstickers. I have new ones into the blogsticker machine:

-Roll me over in the clover
Roll me over lay me down and blog me again.

The Mae West collection:

-Why don’t you come up and blog me sometime?

-Opportunity knocks for every man, but you have to give a woman a blog.

-Any time you got nothing to do–and lots of time to do it–blog.

-I’m a woman of very few words, but lots of blogging.

Pretty soon, my weblog will look a lot like my kitchen refrigerator.


The sun is shining and it’s a brand new day. I’m not going to waste any more time on “the suits”; instead I’m going to focus on only positive things today. Go for a drive and a walk. Work on my book. Clean my apartment. Ignore the clutter and debri on Compliment folks.

No, I’m not on drugs. I haven’t had my morning coffee yet.


Weblogging Jan 13 2002

Absolute Sharon is helping me with a new look for my weblog. Something 50’s, wonderfully tacky, incredibly fun!

She created some great title graphics — 50’s turquoise, martini glass and all. All we need, is a pink flamingo.

Sharon’s way too talented, and terrific to help. And we can all agree when it comes to web design, I can use all the help I can get.

Ok, folks — which title do you like? Numbered from the top.


This just has to be shared: One of the Plutonians received an email with the story behind the saying Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey..

However, a quick trip to Urban Legends shows that this particular legend is false. Kill joys.

Possible new blogsticker: Cold enough to freeze the blogs off a brass monkey

– earlier-

A new Blogicon entry:

Flow: weblog linking to weblog linking to weblog – a magic river of discovery

Kind of a pretty one, don’t you think?


New Jersey Meryl did her very first Radio 8.0 post.

All these people trying out new toys and tools — I must get my butt in gear and move to my new weblogging tool. I’ll miss Blogger, though. I like Blogger.