Weblogging Jan 13 2002

Absolute Sharon is helping me with a new look for my weblog. Something 50’s, wonderfully tacky, incredibly fun!

She created some great title graphics — 50’s turquoise, martini glass and all. All we need, is a pink flamingo.

Sharon’s way too talented, and terrific to help. And we can all agree when it comes to web design, I can use all the help I can get.

Ok, folks — which title do you like? Numbered from the top.


This just has to be shared: One of the Plutonians received an email with the story behind the saying Cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey..

However, a quick trip to Urban Legends shows that this particular legend is false. Kill joys.

Possible new blogsticker: Cold enough to freeze the blogs off a brass monkey

– earlier-

A new Blogicon entry:

Flow: weblog linking to weblog linking to weblog – a magic river of discovery

Kind of a pretty one, don’t you think?


New Jersey Meryl did her very first Radio 8.0 post.

All these people trying out new toys and tools — I must get my butt in gear and move to my new weblogging tool. I’ll miss Blogger, though. I like Blogger.

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