Meryl Evans interview

One other quick note before I got back to the writing that pays me a living (sort of, if I don’t eat):

Meryl Evans from Meryl’s Notes – had an online interview with the famous Head Lemur, which also got mentioned at Zeldman’s. Congrats Meryl.

See — joining hands on the ground floor. Meryl is a strong adherant of the web standards movement. And we all know that not everyone in the web standards movement is overally fond of me (i.e. said Mr. Zeldman and said Head Lemur). But Meryl’s still my buddy. Aren’t you Meryl. Meryl? Meryl?


John Walker

Just in: John Walker will be charged with aiding and abetting terrorists (CNN)

Update: From press conference. Four charges which can result in life in prison. He will be charged in civilian court.

One of the basic components of the charges was Walker’s attendance of an Al-Queda training camp, and meeting with Osama Bin Laden. Another is that he admits that he heard about the September 11th terrorists acts, but still kept fighting with the Taliban. This is based on his own discussions with the Military. (BBIRD – However, how admissible this will be will be dependent on his access to legal representation at the time of the discussions.)

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We’ll return this weblog to it’s regularly scheduled programming…


O’Reilly book cover spoofs

On the light side, take a look at O’Reilly book cover spoofs. I like a company that laughs at itself; too bad Enron figured that one out too late.

However, why do they keep showing book covers with an eagle kicking my asp?

I wanted a cute little fluffy kitten myself. Furry. Sweet. Big eyes. The kind that people go “Oooo, that’s so cute!”

But nooooo. I get a deadly snake. Hissssssssssssssssssssssss.