Blogicon update

Okay, time to update the Blogicon; I have a whole list of Blogicon entries today.

I’m adding the entries to the Blogicon column and page, in addition to adding hypertext named references so that you can link to individual items. Give me a couple of days to make the updates.

Let’s roll:

The first new Blogicon is from New Jersey Meryl (she’s from Joisey, don’t muck with her). Meryl’s entry is:


Lone Blogger:

    a blogger who doesn’t use any blogging tool
    Meryl, that’s kind of like shaving by pulling your hair out with tweezers, don’t you think?

    The following two items are a collaboration between myself and my *separated by birth twin sister, Sharon:



      v. Photoging – blogging with photos; n. Photog – photo-related weblog like Photographica

      Blister blog: weblog that uses adult terms/strong language such as, well, uh, uhm, never mind.

      I got the following idea indirectly from Gary Turner, aka Mr. Blogsticker:



        generating blogsticker ideas and then not using them at your weblog
        Other BurningBird contributions:


          going to and accessing every weblog in the list

            •  – do not try while under the influence


          It’s a small world blog virus: posting a song at your site that people canNOT get out of their head – All Day Long – Ohhh, Roll me over in the clover….

          It’s been said that weblogs and Google go hand in hand like peanut butter and bananas. I should know; I have Google tatooed across my butt. Anyway, the next two entries are related to our favorite search engine:

          The Google Effect

            finding content via a search engine rather than using DNS aliases; letting domain names lapse and relying on Google style searches

              •  via Dan Gillmor


            Googlewhacking both a game and a phenomena: Precision Google searching Unblinking via Dane Carlson

            Last, but definitely not least, is a Blogicon item from Jonathon Delacour – in the spirit of fun and GSOH that all webloggers exhibit (if they hope to survive among the blogs for long…):

            Do a Dave:

              •  substantially editing or removing content after having posted it to the web

            I have a confession to make: I sometimes Do a Dave at Burningbird.

            (I don’t know; did that last sentence not sound quite right?)

            Anyway, that’s it for the Blogicon until the next batch. Thanks for the generous contributions!

            *separated by geography, birth date, and parents


            I’ll have more Blogicon terms to add later today. I’m holding off as I’m unsure about one of them. I found it at Jonathon Delacour Unplugged yesterday, and thought it was perfect! The term is “Do a __(fill in the name)__”, and means substantially editing or removing content after having posted it to the web.. I think you know who’s name to use for the blank.

            The Blogicon tweaks, but only gentle tweaks – inviting those tweaked to laugh with us. I’m just not sure about this entry. Is it gentle? Is it mean? Is it funny? Is it art?

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