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Radio Entry Jan 24

Recovered from the Wayback Machine


Started Alter Ego back up again. Time to do a bit deeper research into the innards of Radio 8.0.

And take a look at this conversation about WSDL that’s been going on.

I still can’t believe that Don Box sold DevelopMentor and went to work at Microsoft. I know that he’s been joined at the hip with Microsoft for years — but is this man going to be comfortable with corporate oversight? He must have negotiated a great contract (as in “I’ll do what I want, when I want to.”) I wish DevelopMentor and Don the best.



The Userland folks came through with a preferences page, allowing us to customize the graphics associated with, among other things, the permalink. Time to start playing with the look again.

Rumor has it that we’ll also have the ability to customize the extension for the file that’s generated, so that we can generate index.php or index.jsp or index.asp. This will be particularly helpful for all of us who want to incorporate the weblog pages into our server environment.

Good updates.


Hot Oiled Man

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

In the midst of pointing out these really incredible stories (coffee scoop birth control?) and how many times his weblog is found with some strange combinations of words (hot+oiled+man?), Jonathon will now be teaching a course on CSS.

Jonathon, I taught a course on C++ at a college once, and have only one thing to say to you: Hahahahahahahahaha! Boy were you suckered! Hahahahahahahaha!

No, seriously, if your web site is any indication, you’ll do terrific.

As an aside, if you think hot+oiled+man is an interesting search phrase, Stav, the Wonder Chicken is getting hits from the phrase tobaggan+porn. Of course, Stav says this was only a meme test. Yeah, right Stav. Pull the other one.

Of course, you realize that all of our weblogging and Doing a Google and Googlewhacking antics are totally screwing with the heads of the poor Google folks.

“Who the hell would search on Linux and Anemonefish?”

“Well, if you think that’s weird, look at this one: ‘Toboggan and Porn’. Now you tell me, what kind of sick bastard is looking for porn with toboggans!?!”

To which we answer: Webloggers! That’s who!

Legal, Laws, and Regs

Lawsuit abuse

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Dumbest warning labels from SF Gate.

Through this excellent article I found the Michigan Lawsuit Abuse Watch web site. Within these priceless web pages I found out about the arsonists who sued their insurance company because the fire they set spread to surrounding area, and the insurance company didn’t want to cover this damage. Or the prisoner who sued Michigan state because he farted.

And these are just absurd lawsuits in Michigan — I can’t even imagine what kind of lawsuits are floating around a somewhat flamboyant state such as California