Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

Vote on the Bloggies — the weblogging awards. People do this for free; least we can do is tell them we like ’em.

During the awards voting period, visit your favorite weblogs (nominated or not) and drop a note in the comments about how much you like the weblog, and how much you appreciate what the weblog is providing. Or drop the weblogger an email. Provide them with your very own personal Bloggie — a brief note of thanks. A quick note just to say “Hi. I’m here. I appreciate what you do.”

I know my life is richer thanks to the weblogs you see to the left and elsewhere on the web. Least I can do is spread that wealth around a bit.

Folks to the left, I’m on my way!

<edit> Mike Sanders of Keep Trying took this all a step further back during the interesting Scripting News Awards early days. He created a do it yourself awards system, with associated humorous results.

Now, darn it, I’m going to have to add another weblog to my Plutonians list, and I just had it nicely rearranged — Mike, you’ve got my award for man with the best sense of perspective!</edit>

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