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I’ll settle for fun

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I was looking at my posts this evening and I asked myself, “Will I ever grow up?” I’m not a young girl, I’m a mature woman. I should be elegant, classy, say witty but urbane things. Exude sophistication.


I love to fly kites! I love looney tunes and laughing out loud at movies and old black and white sci-fi movies and speed boats and going to Disneyland. Yes, you read that correctly, Disneyland.

When I travel I don’t go shopping or to gallery openings, or out to expensive dinners at night. I spend my time walking the streets of the cities I visit, smelling the smells, and watching the people and listening to the voices around me. I eat from street vendors or little cafes with outdoor seating.

In my apartment, I have an simple, elegant black couch with the back covered by a beautiful silk scarf hand embroidered with orange and rose carp that I bought at a Chinatown street fair. Now, that’s class. What do I do? I hang Marvin the Martian pictures above it. And there’s a big Marvin the Martian pillow right next to the carp.

In my kitchen I have The Lady of Shalot by Waterhouse on the wall — right next to my refrigerator covered in magnets. Really tacky magnets.

Did I mention my lava light collection and neon Marvin next to my glass scuptures and crystal clock?

I should be dressing in Armani suits by day, and in slinky black dresses at night, with tasteful diamond drops in my ear. I should go to elegant parties and engage in witty repartee. Embed quotes about great literature into my writings.

Instead, I’m dressed by LL Bean. Complete the picture. (Though I do love Armani, just can’t afford it. Wouldn’t mind a slinky black dress come to think of it.)

Well, if I can’t have elegant or sophisticated, I guess I’ll just have to settle for fun.



Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

We’re having a lot of fun with the anti-bloggie nominations and votes. Of course, we know who will win for most outrageous color — Zeldman.

Stavros wanted a “Best Post Made Whist Dangerously” Inebriated category. Too bad they didn’t go for it. We all could have chipped in for a bottle of fine tequila as a prize. Or very old scotch.

And someone has been bitten by the Looney Tunes bug. I love Looney Tunes! I have three Warner Brother’s movie scene drawings, and a print inked by Mr. Chuck Jones himself — all Marvin the Martian.

Why yes. I am an adult woman. Thank you for asking. How old am I? Old enough to no longer care that people know I have Marvin the Martian mixed in with my Waterhouse and Millais prints.

Following this theme of whimsy — variations of this weblog as translated by The Dialectizer:

Elmer Fudd

The Cockney is incredible! Best of the lot. Too bad there wasn’t an Australian dialect included. I wonder what “BurningBird” translates to in Australia? Barbie’d Bird?



Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

I’m probably the last person in the world, well at least among the movie goers, but I finally saw Chocolat tonight.

Gently, funny, romantic, melancholy, quirky. I like movies that leave me with a smile on my face at the end. Not a grin. Just a smile.

Maybe I should paint my weblog chocolate. Call myself SweetBird.