Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

We’re having a lot of fun with the anti-bloggie nominations and votes. Of course, we know who will win for most outrageous color — Zeldman.

Stavros wanted a “Best Post Made Whist Dangerously” Inebriated category. Too bad they didn’t go for it. We all could have chipped in for a bottle of fine tequila as a prize. Or very old scotch.

And someone has been bitten by the Looney Tunes bug. I love Looney Tunes! I have three Warner Brother’s movie scene drawings, and a print inked by Mr. Chuck Jones himself — all Marvin the Martian.

Why yes. I am an adult woman. Thank you for asking. How old am I? Old enough to no longer care that people know I have Marvin the Martian mixed in with my Waterhouse and Millais prints.

Following this theme of whimsy — variations of this weblog as translated by The Dialectizer:

Elmer Fudd

The Cockney is incredible! Best of the lot. Too bad there wasn’t an Australian dialect included. I wonder what “BurningBird” translates to in Australia? Barbie’d Bird?

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