A-List and Metafilter

Poor Mike. I imagine he didn’t know what he started today with his posting on community, especially his reference to the A-List and MetaFilter.

As expected the MeFi gang picked up on the posting. This is a good thread to follow, with many good points.

There was also some similarity to the kite and the fickle wind described in one of my previous postings, in that Mike was picked up and slammed to the ground again and again. However, this is also a MeFi trait at times when the beast is irked — no offense to MeFi folks in the crowd.

I did some pick up of my own about “community” in my previous posting, and I find that this community thing can be “you there and me here”, and never the two shall meet at times. I would like to think that this weblog is good for a general audience, but I know that I’ve fallen into insider speak more than once. Still — this is my weblog, and I can use insider speak if I want to, can’t I?

(However, I am not happy about my previous posting aside from the reference to Jonathon’s email note, which was excellent. I won’t pull the posting, but ignore it and go to the “don’t post about your co-workers, your boss, your illicit love affair, and your drug use in your weblog” posting that preceded it.)

On to other things — I took some sunset photos of interesting places along the Embarcadero by my place. I thought I would post a few for your edification. One of the photos is of Pier 23, a biker bar that plays reggae and jazz, and which wouldn’t serve me yesterday. Maybe the place is run by MeFi and they knew I was a weblogger?

Bay Bridge and Boat

Pier 23 -- don't go here
Fog City Diner -- classic diner


Morpheus Shut Down

Recovered from the Wayback Machine.

And over at John’s the discussion is about the shut down of Morpheus, software based on Fast Track, as is Kazaa.

I believe I mentioned this last week that any P2P network that has iron – no matter how minute – in the cloud can be shut down. I will refrain from saying I told you so. Well, no, I won’t refrain from this. I told you so.

Update: more on this story at ZDNet.

Question: Can you shut down a Gnutella network?


Bloggers with attitude

The Bloggers with Attitude webring now has 15 members, and growing. An interesting, eclectic group of folks, too!

The newest member is Sharon Campbell of Pet Rock Star. Loved her weblog slogan: Voice of an Angel, Mouth of a Truckdriver

Among the postings at her weblog I found (stealing liberally) the following:

Wrestlers in Minnesota tried to – once again – get girls banned from the sport by showing off a move called the high crotch takedown.

I don’t know what they’re so concerned about. All mothers teach their daughters the high crotch takedown before they’re allowed to date.