March 17

How much do we listen to each other? How of much of what we do is skimming a weblog looking for the “juicy” parts, so that we can act and react accordingly?

This weekend, I’ve seen way too much reaction, and not enough comprehension. And I see signs of this continuing.

I’m tired. Tonight, I feel really tired.


Eric wrote the following in response to a comment John Robb made about journalistic coverage of web services:

‘…that’s what the press does: it’s reactive, it covers emerging trends as they emerge, but it doesn’t instantly declare, “Revolution in the barnyard, the big rooster is dead” the instant the tiny chick makes its first hole in the shell (as much as the chick would like it to).’

Cluck. Cluck. Heh.


Throwaway remark

Ahhh, don’t look now Jonathon, but I think that the BlogSisters just discovered the little fracas we all had this weekend. And your original throwaway remark.


Thx for opinions

Tutor, regrets that he could not ride to rescue me from dragons sinister in the extreme. Spurned he says. Spurned by his Lady Love.

Me thinks that the languid pressing of hand to fevered brow when casting your words upon still, still waters, Tutor, will avail you not. In truth fair knight, I doth understand the whys and wherefores of your traitorous acts of inaction: black leather became me not.


And as a quick aside: thanks to everyone for expressing their opinions yesterday and today. Especially those who expressed their opinions above the belt rather than below.